Tamil Brahmin Weddings.

Namma Aathu Kalyanam – Inside a Tamil Brahmin Wedding

It’s not a regular day in the household of Mr. Iyer. He is getting ready to marry off his only granddaughter, Kannamma. As he packs his suitcase to go off and stay at the mandapam for the next couple of days, he fondly remembers his own wedding. He was a young guy – 24 years of age – too young according to his freedom-loving heart and “correct ana vayasu” by society standards. Before he could blink his eyes, his parents […]

Welcome to OruPhoto

Attempting to write our first blogpost, its only fitting to start with, by throwing light on ‘the shift’ from the corporate landscape to the world of photography. As it is common knowledge, the corporate environment is a tangle of hierarchy and designations. And just when we thought we were finally free from the bounds of the former world, life ain’t looking completely different on the other side either. Taking a closer look at weddings, it didn’t take too long to […]